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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have a new ad running on Ravelry for my "Squish-tastic!" yarns, so I have some new ones now listed on etsy and my website. Here are some pictures!


Orange Plum Spice


Gothic Nightfall

In other news . . . well, for right now I have no other news. Just working on getting more shawls knit for my show this weekend along with working on more yarns! I am also in the upcoming Etsy Co-Op Venus Zine ad - I used a picture of my "Green Man - Tales from the Mythic Forest" yarn from back in March. The new skeins are a little different, and I do have more fiber in this color so will be spinning a few more, but for now, I have these two listed -

And, finally, since I am showing my newest yarns, here is one more - A "LoopCoilyPuff" CoilySpun yarn spun from 5 "babycakes" from LOOP. Three of them were remainders from her "money" spontaneous spinning batts, so actually have shredded dollar bills spun in! I am calling this skein "The Coils of Earth and Money" -

That's all from me today!

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