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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fiber Heaven!

Yesterday I received two amazing packages - a box of approximately *8 pounds* of bamboo fiber for spinning . . . AND, a HUGE envelope packed with LOOP babycakes! Ahhh, heaven! These pictures aren't the best, but just in case you'd like to see what . . .

8 pounds of bamboo:
and, 6 batches of "babycakes":

look like . . . well, now you have! :)

What's a shame, though, is I'd love to dive right in to the babycakes, but will have to wait - the bamboo is what is in need of my attention for the next week . .. or two. My Ravelry ad *should* start running tomorrow, which means I want to have new bamboo listed every day for the next two weeks!? Not sure it will be possible, but . . . we'll see. I've also got a few art yarns I want to spin, and some more batts . . . and . . .

Never enough time!

I do have a couple new yarns to share as well. The first is another "Batt-tacular!" yarn spun from a batt of merino and superwash wools and glitz from TerraBellaSpun. Here is "Blue Copper Night" -

And, the second is "Copper Flash Sky" - a "Novel-Ply" yarn spun from handdyed merino wool and plied with Moda Dea Fur-Ever yarn.

Last night, I spun up a bright aqua and violet FunctionArt art yarn- two skeins from hand dyed merino wool (dyed by the Yarn Wench). I'm thinking one skein is already spoken for, but I should have one available to list later today. Here is a sneak peak -

I do have another batch of this fiber color, so may even spin up two more skeins!

That's all for today!

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