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Friday, May 9, 2008

A few new things . . . .

So, I guess I've been a slacker this week in posting. I've just been so tired and haven't had much to say . . . . of course, I always have pictures to share, though, so today I thought I'd get caught up on some of the newest yarns I have . . .

First, I have the "LoopCoilyPuff" yarns that I showed on Tuesday - these are spun from Babycakes from Loop - small mini batts of fibery goodness! These three were spun from various "cakes" and then plied with thread with coils, beehives, and puffs of fiber throughout!

Choco-Plum - spun from 2 brown and 1 purple - 42 yards, 1.6 oz

Pink-Plum - spun from 2 pink and 2 purple - 62 yards, 2.2 oz

Ocean Waves - spun from 4 blue/green - 72 yards, 3.3 oz

I also spun up my first Loop Spontaneous Spinning Batt! This is the one called "Seascape". It is mostly bamboo, with some alpaca, merino/tencel, Corriedale, and a bit of glitz, spun into a thicker DK weight single ply yarn. I'm calling it "Mint Julep".

I've been spinning some art yarns - but I believe they are already spoken for, but if not they will be listed later today. I've got -

Cotton Candy Petals

Cotton Candy Clouds

and Divine Melon 4

I'll be spinning some more art yarns this weekend, and probably some more Batt spins, too. I've got about 10 pounds of bamboo coming soon, so want to get some art yarns and batt-tacular yarns done before it arrives! I'm just looking forward to the weekend so that maybe I can finally catch up on my sleep . . .

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