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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catching up - new art yarn for Haiti Relief, Facebook, and more!

Well, the truth is I am not doing so well on my new years resolutions, one of which was to blog more often! I don't think I posted at all in January! But, the month was spent getting back into a routine after the chaos of moving and getting used to a new place. (I know, excuses, excuses!) But, as February begins, so beings my "new year" and I resolve to blog more often AND also utilize my Facebook page more often, too. Oh, and I'll be twittering by the end of the month! Too much? We'll see, though I expect to be focusing most of my efforts on Facebook.

I've been spinning, as always, and yesterday I listed a new art yarn. This art yarn was spun from hand dyed fiber from Coudlover that was a special colorway she dyed and all proceeds from the sale of the fiber were donated to the Red Cross for Haiti Relief. While I honestly can't afford to donate the full amount, I will be donating *at least* $10 per art yarn skein that I spun. I had four of them, but one has sold already. I plan to donate at the end of the month, and hopefully they will all have sold by then. Depending on if I have rent money or not, will depend on if I increase the donation per yarn (the $10 is guaranteed, though, but I'm hoping to be able to double that). Here is a picture of one of the skeins -

You can find the skeins listed in my etsy shop - HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I'm also really excited for the season premiere of LOST tonight, and the three new yarns I listed today show that as I've named them all "Lost" :)
Top yarn is - Navajo 3ply - 80 yards spun from merino wool/silk/bamboo blend and the other two rows are two skeins of my Squish-tastic! style spun from superwash merino and plied with the merino/silk/bamboo blend. The two skeins are 64 yards and 35 yards.

I also have lots of other yarns that i've listed over the past few weeks, but I won't show them all here - you can check them all out in my etsy shop or on flickr!

Finally, starting this month I am going to be using my Kitty Grrlz Hand Spun Yarns Facebook page to post links to new listings, sneak previews of upcoming yarns and colors, AND specials that may only be posted on Facebook. You can check out this page and become a fan HERE. I will still be sending out my once-per-month newsletter to newsletter subscribers, but often times throughout the month I may want to have special short sales or discounts and from now on these will be posted on the Facebook page. I'd also love to hear your suggestions for types of yarns, colorways, and fiber blends over there, too!

I think that is all for now as I better get to work - I will NOT be spinning while Lost is on tonight and that's usually my peak production time!

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