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Monday, November 16, 2009

Two totally new hand spun art yarns!

Oops, so much for posting again regularly! I HAVE been listing new yarns every day in my etsy shop but there's too many to post here right now. But, I do want to post pictures of two BRAND NEW FunctionArt Art yarn colors!!

The first is spun from hand dyed merino wool dyed by the Yarn Wench in color "Taos". When I first saw this color on her site recently, I liked it and it definitely popped out as being a bit different than what I'd been spinning lately. But, I wasn't sure I was going to spin it into an art yarn. At the time, I mostly just bought it because it was "different".

Then, this past weekend when I was going through one of my organizing/pre-prep routines of finding yarns to go with fibers for other art yarns, I came across some yarns that were PERFECT for this batch of fiber. So, I started accumulating them as I went through my boxes of yarns, and by the end had a very large collection of yarns that would be good to use to spin in with the wool. Instead of spinning the others I had meant to spin first, I decided heck with it and spun up TAOS as the first new art yarn for the week - I have two skeins, 80 yards and 84 yards and both are in my etsy shop here and here. Here are the skeins -

80 yards 84 yards

Then, since I already seemed to be more on the bright colors/new blends kick, I spun up this one - also merino wool dyed by the Yarn Wench in color "Sundapple". Again, liked the different colors and combination than what I've been spinning recently. I also have two skeins of this one, 65 yards and 67 yards and they are in my etsy shop here and here. Here are the two skeins -

65 yards

67 yards
I have a lot of other new yarns listed, too. You can check them all out in my etsy shop!

This week I'll be getting ready for the DIY Trunk Show which is Saturday, November 21. I have lots of scarves to knit, yarns to spin and much more. This means I may not be posting many new items on etsy, though I WILL be listing at least ONE new yarn every day. Others may not get listed until after my show.

But, now I better get to work! SO much to do!!

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