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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some new hand spun yarns!

I have quite a few new yarns to share since I HAVE been spinning, just not blogging. I have been posting new yarns on my Kitty Grrlz Hand Spun Yarns Facebook Page, though, so you can always see what's new there!

First up is an art yarn that I planned on spinning AGES ago, when I first requested this color from Natalie of Cloudlover. I've spun this as a single ply and as a "Squish-tastic" and also a "Novel-Ply" but here it is for the first time (finally!) as a FunctionArt art yarn - Blackberry Sea!

I have two skeins currently available on etsy here and here, but have more fiber and will probably be spinning a couple more. At least until I run out of the "Flora" yarn that started this all!

And today I listed this wonderful new color spun from Yarn Wench merino wool (color Decadence) - Canyon Violets - also two skeins on etsy here and here.

Here are some other new yarns spun recently, too -

Novel-Ply - Tidal Breeze - Hand Spun Bulky 2ply ThicknThin Yarn - two skeins - 70 yards and 38 yards

And, some more art yarns -

FunctionArt - Sweetheart Roses - Hand Spun Art Yarn, merino wool, 76 yards

FunctionArt - River Twilight - Hand Spun Art Yarn - merino wool, 65 yards

And, a couple of single ply skeins -

Kitty Singles - Garden Peach - Hand Spun Superfine Merino wool, slightly thicknthin, 116 yards

And, one for St. Patrick's Day -

Kitty Singles - St Patrick's Day Surprise - Hand Spun BFL Wool Single Ply Yarn - 148 yards

I think there may be a couple more, but that's all I'll post for now.

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